Nathan Arceri


'Bin' embodies a visualisation of the environmental impact of litter, but more specifically the severe water pollution impacting the Yarra River. It comprises three continuous pipes constructed from recycled plastic of which water flows through. While three interior rubbish bins act as a direct connection to these pipes, with each piece of rubbish then adding to the blank canvas of the pavilion and tainting its purity. However, this showcase of pollution is only visible from the interior, as the recycled plastic is covered in a reflective coating, maintaining its pure aesthetic to the unaware. The key threshold of the site is that of the interior and exterior dynamic. Users will enter the site on the south side of blissful innocence, perhaps mimicking the weaving nature of the south seating to find a seat. As the exterior depicts a false purity of the pavilion, entry into Bin evokes a sense of revelation and realisation.