Neville Scott


My key concept was to create an otherworldly pavilion in line with terrestrial normality, in this case an egg. An egg is a simple shape that humanity can relate to, I want viewers to think differently about everyday objects, to enjoy, respect and explore everyday normality and think about them in unexpected ways. Additionally, I wanted to create a sense of normality during the day with an extreme sense of futurism in the night.

The space is designed to make one feel enclosed and protected, yet also exposed to nature within the park. This contrast is done by creating one entrance/exit for one to be engulfed by the structure, whilst still able to view the surroundings at 360° using openings/cut-outs throughout the pavilion. Whilst externally, I wanted the space to remain open and fluid in accordance with the remainder of the park.

Being a large park, it was important for me to create a pavilion that lured in those from all directions with the circular stair base, which allows people to feel welcome and invited to engage with the exterior of the pavilion.