Tara Durkin


I wanted to create a space in which it is intriguing and has a secretive like quality, inviting people within it, and at the same time, evoking emotion. I used parametric design to create and emphasise an unsettling texture, with a variation of hole sizes and thickness and heights, to create the decaying appearance, as well as play with the idea of Trypophobia (fear of small holes). With the texture used, it creates an intriguing and dramatic interior space, evoking emotion in the visitors. This, with the heavy contrast of the smooth exterior, heightens the impact of the interior space. With only one entry point into the pavilion, the circulation through the space itself, encourages an intricate study of the textures, as one is guided to the outlooking views. The threshold of the pavilion is more complex, with a variation of experiences, shaped by the form and openings. The most apparent sense of the threshold is the clear entrance into the pavilion, as the textures and materials change suddenly.