Wendy Lin


Johann Goethe’s quote ‘architecture is frozen music’ inspire this design. The pavilion captures the beauty of music through exploration in mathematics - the universal language of music and architecture. I used the underlying principles of Lissajous Curves and trigonometric waves to generate the sinuous form of the pavilion, which looks to depict the complex elegance of music in the same way that Lissajous Curves describe complex harmonic motion. The pavilion’s aluminium pipes reflect the natural surrounds. Vines grow from its base and weave through the pavilion over time will visually ‘take over’ the steel structure.

The pavilion is open, light and porous, with slender tubes curving through the air in an elegant manner. The dissolution of form creates a highly fluid spatial quality. From North to East, tubes extending from the ground are layered to offer a visual shielding screen that provides privacy. The dynamic roof profile offers compelling spatial experiences underneath which allude to compression and rarefactions of sound. The seating blocks further follow a pattern which simultaneously ripples, spirals, steps and connects to the wooden ground. The hugging gesture of the blocks consequently creates a centre-bound spatial quality.