Coordinators: John Warwicker, Peter Burke and Narelle Desmond


Branding GDES30002 introduces an exploration of the power of images and text as a major part of human to human communication; and as a history of human social interchange. It explains and explores the power of branding through lectures and project work focusing on how to create a brand using text and image-centred communication and the patterns of communication across all the available media platforms.

We look at the history of branding and how brands work strategically and emotionally. The content including logo design, typography, naming and copy text, art direction, visualisation and sound signature applied to print, electronic media and video, will be strategically formed as an effective branding campaign. In today’s saturated marketplace the challenge is to create a brand that is not only targeted but is also visually seductive. Students work individually and in groups, learning how to present ideas to a client using branding elements to communicate messages in the graphic design context.

Elena Grimbacher. Branding GDES30002 Internationale Bau Ausstellung poster design

Graphic Design 2020_winter