Image and Media

Coordinators: John Warwicker, Amanda Morgan and Darren Wardle


Image and Media GDES20001 comprises the development of both design thinking and dexterity with tools; and increased awareness of communication strategies: visually, textually and aurally via immersive reading, book-making and film projects. The emphasis is on the generation of poetic and imaginative responses to text by French philosopher Georges Perec and his Species of Spaces. The briefs manifest as a textual transformation into a film, then into a designed and manufactured book inspired by the film.

Drawing on cultural histories of film making, book making and contemporary filmic /animation cultures, students will expand their experience of communicating through image and media through a range of digital and analogue design techniques.

Banner image - Image and Media GDES20001: Siyang Vicki Huang  film>book assemblage

Graphic Design 2020_winter