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Welcome to 2020, a year filled with social distancing, fear and uncertainty!

Today, we spend more time on the pixels of our screens than we do asleep.

The overload of information from our devices, plugged into a global neural network, is being consumed at rates that our biological hardware cannot keep up with. As a race, we collect more bits & bytes than we have ever done in human history – from the hot-headed tweets of the @RealDonaldtrump to Black Mirror visions of dark technological futures while #binging on #Netflix's, to the promise of a seamless world, this is the current world we live in.

Everything we experience is now being filtered through digital means, and Architecture is no different.

We now ingest space through the lenses of our iris', which as a result, has fast-forwarded our dreams into an new electric world. From the filters on social media, animoji avatars, decisions made on speculation, to a world where we will no longer be able to tell the difference between physically built objects and virtually rendered landscapes, this phenomenon fundamentally changes and challenges us to conceive a new future.

New Paper sets out to explore the realms where Architecture is not physically constructed anymore, moving into the blurring of the virtual world within our day-to-day lives. Architectural drawings will move beyond mere representations and become  lived-in experiences. We will Zoom into Architecture through the lenses of today's culture and share our bold visions of what comes next.

There will be a new breed of Architects.

Are you with us?

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