Shin Qin Lim

The Libra is an accommodation designed for women suffering domestic violence. The design of the accommodation is aimed at facilitating the process of finding a balanced mental health. The concept of Private-public Spectrum is the design strategy applied across the project to help targeted clients reach their goals. The spectrum is also incorporated into the programs and interior design as a response to the four factors that aid mental health recovery, namely sense of control, reduce or eliminating stressors, providing positive distracters and social support (Grieder & Chanmugam, 2013). In short, users have the flexibility to move up and down the spectrum to control how much they want to participate in their social surroundings, how to escape from stressors, and when to connect to others. The Libra is not solely designed for accommodation purposes, it is also a site that provides essential support for the victims of domestic violence. To facilitate the recovery of their health conditions, health services, cafeteria, and social services are incorporated into the program planning. In summary, The Libra uses a variety of materials, design principles, and programs to provide a home to the victims of DV – allowing them to seek balance in the precarious age.

Shin Qin Lim: Narrated Presentation