CDE Studio 19
IMAGING - A Museum Made Digital

Studio leader: Ben Waters

‘IMAGING - A Museum Made Digital’ is a research and design unit that introduces students to new approaches to the design of storage, preservation, exhibition and archival spaces for cultural heritage within a museum context. Students have developed advanced skills in digital design and imaging processes, curatorial practices and virtual reality whilst working in partnership with the Ian Potter Museum of Art. The initial phase of the studio is focused on developing knowledge and skills in image capture technology, specifically 3D scanning and photography, as well as research in contemporary modes of exhibition and storage of cultural collections. Students contribute to a growing digital archive of 3D scanned artefacts from the museum’s classics and archaeology collection and develop curatorial strategies for public engagement with the Museum collection. Using the scan data, students have explored design methods relating to the concept of “virtuality” whilst developing skills in digital processes such as VR/AR, 3D printing, digital fabrication and image making.

The propositional phase of the semester included students designing and curating exhibition, archive and storage spaces of the Museum collection. Each student will be asked to design a space for the exhibition and archiving of collection material. Projects include a mix of approaches to contemporary media, including advanced imaging technologies.

We hope you enjoy browsing the work on our ‘virtual exhibition wall’. Please zoom in close to the work in order for it to update and become clear. You can click on the play buttons to interact with 3D models and videos produced by the students.

Architecture 2020_winter