JiaAo Wang

Fragmentation and The City

Cyprus, a Mediterranean country surrounded by sea, has been a scrambled battleground for hundreds of years because of its extraordinary strategic geographic location. War and conflict left scar and trace there, reminding people of what Cyprus has been through, especially in the walled city Nicosia, which reveals the fragmentation of the city and also the segregated situation between the people in north and south. During this semester, I stared the idea of fragmentation with historical analysis and conceptual collage. The experimental pavilion explores how fragmental geometry has influence on architectural shape and projected media, which is attached on a historical building called Buyuk Han in north Nicosia. Located nearby the pavilion, the final gallery project was curated as an open public courtyard to provide space for people to communicate and gather while still interact with the displayed artworks, in order to reduce the impact of fragmentation and segregation in this city.

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