Tristan Wong

Through examining the progression of culture, we learn who we were, who we are, and who we might become. Within the context of Australia, this brought to mind the importance of acknowledgment of the traditional owners, and thus the Museum of Aboriginal Culture will explore the history and ongoing relevance of Australian Indigenous culture. Proposed in the heart of Melbourne CBD, the architecture establishes the importance of Aboriginal cultures in our society. Through the designed public spaces and the exhibition journey, the Museum provides a place for people to learn and appreciate how the cultures have progressed over time, and, more importantly, it aims to provide ongoing agencies to their communities.

01 Site Plan
02 Floor Plans
03 Isometric Diagram
04 Unfolded Section
05 Facade Night View Render
06 Courtyard Render
07 The Root Render
08 The Past Render
09 The Contemporary Render
10 Digital Corridor Render