CDE Studio 39
Remember Architecture

Studio leaders: Shervin Jaberzadeh, Alison Pedder and Greg Gong


2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Denton Corker Marshall’s Melbourne Museum. It also marks the opening of our latest museum project, the Shepperton Art Museum.

What is a museum? What role does it play in our cities and societies? In the two decades which span these projects, how has the role of the museum changed, if at all? What might be the role of the museum in the future?

This studio explores the role of the museum as a building typology which serves to frame what we choose to remember.

Students compare museums in different cultural contexts; from metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria to international museums in the East and West. Denton Corker Marshall’s Melbourne Museum, Shepperton Art Museum, Stonehenge Exhibition + Visitor Centre and the Australian Pavilion, Venice are be used as case studies.

Students design a small to medium-scale museum inspired by a series of framed experiences.

Through a series of assignments, our design process demonstrates how a highly resolved architectural proposition can be achieved.

During the class we discuss and exercise the role of the architect in cultural engagement and representation, and students have the opportunity to workshop their projects with museum stakeholders, design specialists, educators and facility managers.

Architecture Civic Process 2020_winter