Design Communications Workshop

Coordinator: Donald Bates. Senior Tutor: Helen McNab

The aim of the program is to develop graphic skills which are gained from instruction through Lectures and practice through Tutorials. The Lecture Topics have been chosen not only to develop skills particularly in Freehand Sketching but also to introduce totally new skills which will benefit the student during their academic and professional careers. The Studio sessions are run along the lines of a workshop. The main challenge of Semester One 2020 has been to teach a totally hands-on practical subject online. This has been remarkably successful when you study the work presented here by our Students.

Work is presented from the following sessions:

  • Colour Collage
  • Draw Your World
  • Draw Your Imaginary World
  • Drawing With Coloured Pencil
  • Watercolour Techniques
  • Mixed Media Workshop

Architecture 2020_winter