Landscape Studio 1: Design Techniques

Studio leader: Wendy Walls


This subject is the first studio in the 300-point Master of Landscape Architecture, introducing approaches and techniques for thinking about, exploring and generating design.

The studio equips students with a range of design techniques including graphic analysis, sketching, diagramming, and physical modelling.

The studio positions these techniques alongside methods (and confidence) for engaging with a holistic landscape design process.

In studio one, an exploratory attitude is encouraged. Emphasis throughout the studio is placed on design as a process, as distinct from an absolute outcome. Teaching and learning uses a range of tools and platforms to support this experience. Lectures, online modules and studio sessions introduce the key theoretical ideas, tools and techniques that underpin contemporary landscape architecture design practices.

Students actively participate in studios and workshops; including peer to peer learning, collaborative group work, presentations, discussion and using digital media. By the end of the course students are able to identify major attributes of contemporary landscape architecture theory, understand design process, and think critically about their own design practice.

Banner image: Jinhang Dong

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