Fun Loop - FarmingScaper

Haochuan Guo

The high-rise and mixed-use tower, “”FarmingScraper”, is located at the southern boundary of the Melbounre Central Business District, adjacent to the famous Flinders Street Station and mixed with various commercial and cultural programs, which is designed for Reconnecting urban inhabitants with the origin of food, promoting vertical farming production in supercities and farming-related education for the general public.

The most interesting part of the design would be different farming programs consisting a sustainable ecological system, and the vertical transport formed by inclined surfaces and stairs stitch these spaces into a continuous experience, where the routes of different user groups are overlapped and interwoven. For example, the water from fish tank could provide nutrients for plants, and food scraps from cafe could feed fish, and coffee waste could nourish the mushroom growing.

The FarmingScraper intends to rebuild the connection between people and the origin of food by mixing non-farming programs (e.g. hotel, office) and farming-related programs together, making farming again become the backdrop of the stage of urban life.

01 North View / Masterplan Relationship / Conceptual Diagrams
02 Cut-out Area Exploded Isometric / Technologies / Perspective Views
03 Plans / South View
04 Perspective North-South Section / Plant Categories & Arrangement

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