Design Visualisation: Digital Techniques

Building The World

Subject coordinator: Dr Paul Loh

Tutors: Michael Mack + Samuel Lalo
Technical Tutor: David Francis Smith


In a year of isolation and social distancing, we selected 18 short animations each with a different lens to view our world – each a micro-narrative, a trailer for a full-length feature film. Here, you will discover new and surreal environment from a house in a desert (Mo) to a floating room (Svolmanis), to living inside an aquarium (Robinson) or a ‘hitch-hiker guide to the galaxy’ style room next to a burning planet (Parkinson). Some reconstruct their world as a form of escapism - the futuristic city of Blade runners 1982 (Lin), a Monument Valley-style summer paradise (Caelli) and a secluded ruined temple (Gao). Others take every day to find solace remembering childhood (Stone and Tan), safety (Davidson and Noe) and creativity (Tu). Then, there is the Neo-Noir, a dark cinematic impression of something more cynical to come, dealing with issues of decay (Yuan), obsession (Zhong), anxiety (Ji), crime (Chen), sex (Sim) and pollution (Leong).

In this subject, students learn to use industry-standard software to produce still renders and animations focusing on composition, texturing, lighting, narrative, cinematography and editing. Our students come from multiple majors: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design, Performance Design and  Digital technology. We thank our industry partners: Binyan Studio, Unsigned Studio and Soymilk Studio for their generous contributions to the subject.

Take a glimpse into the minds of our next generation of Digital Punk!

Selected Trailer Screening in alphabetical order

Summer Dreams by Erica Caelli

High Society by Haoyu Chen

The Art of Reflection by Victoria Davidson

The Temple by David YuPeng Gao

Serenity by Daniel Ji

One Man Army by Kai Lin

Surviving by Maggie Hou Ian Leong

Salvation by Albert XiaoTao Mo

Somewhere Safe by Thin Myat Noe

Welcome to Forever by Oliver Parkinson

Wired by Gemma Robinson

Morning After by Dickson Shen Sim

Left Behind by Lisa Stone

Where do the Children Play? by Kalvis Ivars Svolmanis

Untamed Woods by Yun Ru Tan

The Lane Loft by Yilin Elena Tu

Day 18303 by Ziyang Yuan

Obsession by Beini Zhong

Architecture 2020_summer