Studio Alpha

Subject Coordinator: Dr. Kelum Palipane

Senior Tutor: Dhanika Kumaheri


Phil Burns, Danica Karaicic, Hamid Khalili, Dhanika Kumaheri, Sarah Kahn, Lucas Koleits, Oliver Shearer, Magdalena Sliwinska, Yui Uchimura,  Elizabeth Watt


Special Focus:
The Spatial implications of bodies in space considered at the individual, communal and civic scales.

Design Outcome:
An Urban terrain of microinfrastructure within imagined conditions of complex demographics.

Lincoln Square, and built environment areas accessible to students during remote teaching and learning.

Ground Conditions
Students engaged in a series of exercises that enabled them to critically reflect on how fundamental design principals and their anthropometric and ergonomic implications impact human behaviour and the experience of space.

Dystopian Dreams
Drawing the knowledge acquired in the first stage of the semester, the students designed an urban terrain of microinfrastructure in imagined dystopian conditions that would enable people to engage in an act of ‘exchange’.

Architecture 2020_summer