Emma Kelly

The collaborative housing project on Walker Street is a response to environmental, economic and social challenges in modern society through providing an equitable, environmental and affordable bridge between city and dwelling. It does this through the provision of communal meeting, interaction, destination and working spaces.

Multifunctional spatial design aims at increasing space efficiency, flexibility and adaptability over time, as users can directly manage privacy, exposure and interaction through operating different levels of thresholds throughout the gallery, fa├žade and balcony spaces.

The Walker Street project shall reinforce the notion of community- housing and spirit- by combining the need for privacy with equitable communal spaces, where social interaction is fostered through an interplay of differing levels of privacy.

The blending of natural elements with the new architecture creates a strong sense of belonging and a contextualised design response, as materiality choices and varying levels of porosity within the site provide for an interplay of architecture and locality.