Kenen Machado

The scheme aims to interpolate the exaggerated sense of comforting illusions and facades perpetuated by Australian Suburbia by offsetting inwards the frame, revealing its beauty and utility; a humbler appreciation of shelter and potential that is permeable and acknowledges the world around it.

The vestigial spaces generated take on the ambiguous quality of the Japanese Engawa, enabling a platform for prospect and refuge, and a diversity of function and circulation, providing an invitation for communal engagement by extending the house.

The scheme endeavours to provide a framework for the inhabitants to measure their relationship with nature and the site, ever changing and evolving, and to calibrate their own position within their own space and the community.

The architecture generated is cultivated by the hands of the clients and users, making it a place where nature, architecture and daily life encounter each other, a place where the community’s potential to dream, adapt and overcome feels accommodated.