Mingjia Shi

Ecotone is the interactive balance of communities Co-living. One community change, the Ecotone transforms into a new adaptive form.

As a project which aims to transcend the constraints of intensive residential architecture, of intrinsically limited spatial atmospheres and scope of change, this project aims to use an ecological perspective to explain the future residential architecture’s possibility.

Deconstructing the basic concept of the room, what is left, is the space and architectural elements. There is no pre-setting architecture, but the boundary of maximum scope.

At Ecotone, you have no set room, but a living sphere made up of your response to location, environment, and your personal preference and habits. At Ecotone, everything has its own metamorphosis, what treasure is the meaning endowed to each level of Ecotone with each particular interactive journey. At Ecotone, each unique soul has the power to generate its distinctive ripple.