Xintong Chen

Tetris Community

Located in the inner suburb of Melbourne, the Tetris Home responds to urbanisation and suburban loneliness, and aims to accommodate more people whilst providing an experience of living within community.


Imagining every household as a tetris pieces, the land is densified by stacking the tetris pieces and expanding upwards to increase housing capacity within the same building footprint.

A series of modular homes are designed basing on tetris module grid, to best accommodate residents with different needs, use space efficiently and reduce construction cost and waste.


Like a playing a tetris puzzle, the community is formed by juxtaposing and interconnecting tetris homes. Communal space is created during this process – pocket lounge space between units to catch up, pop-up balcony to greet neighbours, and multiple services tetris on the ground floor to encourage residents share moments together.

Live sustainably

Each tetris home is an indispensable part of the community. To ensure a pleasant long-term stay, spatial adaptability is integrated into unit design to accommodate the change of household size and needs; as well as through various sustainable strategies to minimise environmental impact during their stay.