Part 3: Living House

Living House: Adaptive Dual Occupancy

In the third stage or their projects, students were asked to refine and further detail their ideas for the Living Neighbourhood by develop ming a design for the property at 2 MacArthur Place North. Building upon the schematic massing/composition and site plan of the living Neighbourhood, they were required to develop their ideas in greater detail by moving from the neighbourhood scale to the human, residential scale. They were required to design a programmatic, spatial and massing configuration of a compact and adaptable dual occupancy residence.

The ‘Client’ for this project was a multigenerational household. The household consisted of a working couple with I young child and the grandparents from one side of the family. The scenario presented the grandparents as downsizers who have retired and would like to live closer to their children and grandchild, as well as to Carlton's abundant urban amenities.