Colour Studio

Teaching staff: John Warwicker, Narelle Desmond, Anna Hoyle, Darren Wardle, Kate Beynon and Natasha Johns-Messenger


This studio subject assists students to develop an understanding of the optical, perceptual and expressive possibilities of the use of colour in the design process, and through studio exercises to develop sensibility and experience in the manipulations and pictorial uses of colour elements. Supported by customised feedback and individual tuition, students will be inspired to develop considered conceptual approaches to using colour in their practical work through a range of colour theories and cultural influences from contemporary art and design history. The students will undertake a series of studio exercises that build competence in a range of mediums including paint, printing materials and through electronic colour spectrums. Students will work hands on in the studio and in the computer lab during contact hours and independently, in the completion of critical and informed design possibilities through a series of studio-based projects.

Graphic Design 2020_summer