Architecture Studio B


Studio Leaders: Dennis Prior and Michael Barraclough


Studio B is the second semester design studio in the first year of the 3 year 300-point Master of Architecture program whereby students from a diverse range of backgrounds enter directly into the graduate school. The focus of the studio is to introduce students to the discipline of architecture; discipline understood both as a field of knowledge and as a process, the repetition and rigour of design resolution.

This semester students in Studio B participated in the Future Homes Student Competition (FHSC), a joint initiative run by IBA Melbourne, The Office of the Victorian Government Architect and The Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning.

The FHSC brief challenged students to engage with the housing crisis in our city and current forecasts for dramatic population growth, in particular by contemplating opportunities for increased density in Melbourne’s middle ring suburbs.

Students began the semester analysing a series of seminal housing projects, with a particular concern for understanding their organisational logic and typological systems. This knowledge was then shared within the studio and leveraged in the development of a range of design propositions that imagine an alternative future of housing in Melbourne’s middle ring suburbs.

Architecture 2020_summer