CDE Studio 20
The Shape of Wine

Studio leaders: Dr Alberto Pugnale and Dr Alessandro Liuti


In free-form architecture, the adjective “free” indicates the freedom to create architectural forms, irrespective of any composition, static or construction principle. Form-resistant structures offer an opportunity to control such freedom through a unique creative-generative process that builds on the legacy of iconic works by, among others, Heinz Isler, Frei Otto and Jörg Schlaich.

In this framework, this 9th edition of "How Virtual Becomes Real" will continues the research into the design-to-construction working methods for shell and spatial structures, which aims to synthesise the virtual and the real by means of both physical form-finding and numerical optimisation models.

Students will explore the spatial and tectonic qualities of form-resistant structures by designing a winery in regional Victoria, therefore answering to the question: “What is the shape of wine?”

Final reviews - Studio 20

Architecture Technology Process 2020_summer