Reimagine Urbanscapes

University of Melbourne Urban Planning + Urban Design Student Publication

The impacts COVID-19 have and continue to be wide-ranging and dramatic. The Melbourne School of Design has been profoundly affected by the pandemic and Melbourne’s shut-down, with the lives of student and staff up-ended and their perspectives deeply unsettled. What will it even mean to live in a post-COVID world? Reimagining Urbanscapes is a new student-led publication from the Melbourne School of Design, featuring a collective response to the current pandemic. With submissions from the School’s Planning and Urban Design students, academics, tutors, and alumni, the publication provides a snap-shot of what it is like learning, teaching and working in 2020. In it you’ll find: lessons and insights that COVID-19 has provided; manifestos of planning and design; and envisioned pathways for future urbanscapes.

The editorial team would like to thank the School of Design, the Melbourne University Planning Students Society (MUPSS), and the teaching staff who have supported and guided us along the way.

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