Land Use and Urban Design

Subject coordinator: Dr Elek Pafka

Tutors: Fernanda Suarez, James Whitten, Kim Delbridge, Naomi Clarke, Sarah Moss, Shwiti Ravisankar


This subject focuses on urban codes as mediators between the conflicting desires that shape the city; it emphasises the development of urban design knowledge, while critically reflecting on urban design practice. Students develop understandings of urban design, the roles of planners and other professionals in relation to it, and skills in using urban planning codes to achieve the design of high quality public spaces.

The main task during the semester is to re-imagine possible futures for the inner-west of Melbourne, using urban codes as tools to guide urban development. By urban codes we refer to the institutionalised principles governing the formation of public space, including morphology and forms of expression. These include regulations that set limits to urban development on private land, legitimated in terms of public interest. This requires multi-scalar thinking, linking the larger scale of the inner-west (10x10km), to the scale of specific neighbourhoods (1x1km) and small public spaces (200x200m). The subject is core part of the Master of Urban Planning, and is open as elective to students of architecture, landscape and urban design.

Urban Design Urban Planning 2020_summer