MUP Studio I

Urban Informality in the Global North

Studio leaders: Dr Redento B. Recio and Tanzil Shafique


Urban informality has often been linked to conditions, relations and transactions occurring in global South countries. Recent literature, however, has argued how informal activities have been persistently present in the Global North countries as well. Several academics have even pointed out the need for planning discipline to respond to issues arising from urban informalities in European and North American cities.

In Australia, some scholars have documented empirical account of activities that may be considered forms of informality. This studio extends this notion, and taking Melbourne/other global north cities as site of inquiry, opens up a new frame to look at the urban condition.

Building on the knowledge and skills gained/ enhanced in their first year, this studio will enable the students to examine different forms/practices of informality in Melbourne/other global north cities and identify some of the agents/forces that drive such processes. The studio will help them determine how informal practices intersect/co-function with formal rules and processes. Further, students are expected to analyze how urban planners/designers/managers 'define and 'manage' forms/practices of informality.

Toward the end of the semester, the students will put forward proposed interventions that enhance the positive impacts and/or address issues arising from identified forms/practices of informality.

Urban Planning 2020_summer