Place Making for The Built Environment

Subject coordinator: Dr Iderlina Mateo-Babiano

Teaching staff: Cris Hernandez Santin, Elissa McMillan, Matt Novacevski


In this subject, we aspired to create the capacity and capability for people to invest space with meaning. Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Placemaking’s intention is to create public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well-being. As an international movement, placemaking belongs to everyone. Placemaking is in the business of making vibrant, healthy and thriving communities. At its core it’s a process of co-creation to work with community, for community, and to identify meaning and shared purpose. Generally, placemaking can be understood as a community building and activating process to create places that are loved, cared for, and where a sense of belonging in that place is fostered and shared throughout the community. It follows the adage that if you love a place, you will take care of a place.

We invite you to engage with Place Agency, which is a group of academics (consortium) from universities and placemakers across Australia who joined together to deliver an education program, focused on the theory and practice of placemaking through partnerships with practitioners delivered through Studio projects, inspiring this subject. The Placemaking Consortium includes seven universities and 16 practitioners.

Place Agency -

Brydie RANKIN, Emma KLEIN, Joon KIM, Yifeng ZHANG, Ka Wing POON (Yanie)
Wenqi XUXinfu LIU, Gemma BORDER, Annabelle ROPER, Maria Yanez SAINZ
Kun FENG, Sishuo WANG, Paul VASSILIADIS, Wenxi CHEN, Liying TANG
Clinton BAIRD, James BODEN, Jacqueline YU, Alvin CHONG, Quynh DANG
Sixiu DAN, Lanxing SHEN, Zijun MO, Leyuan YU, Yijiao CHEN
Jia Jia SHEN, YuChieh TSENG (Jay), Wenting GAN (Wendy), Hao ZHUANG (Howard)
Yueyuan WANG (Wynne), Viya ZHANG, Yilan ZHAO, Sam SHAW
Mia FLEMING, Olivia GOODLIFFE, Maorui XIONG (Henry), Kaidun LUO (Kelvin)

Urban Planning 2020_summer