Thesis Studio 08
there is space for you right here

Studio leader: Marijke Davey


Like sorting stones, stones that hold pieces of heart, a heart that has turned to pieces, scattered over a landscape, a home, a kitchen table, sorted through, a meditation, a time spent, which is the piece I gave to you ?

We are all a collection of the things we have seen, read, discussed, and loved. Over time we start to notice patterns, ideas we return to, a perfect image, a beautiful book, something our mother said, the first painting, the song, each piece forming us, expanding us, reassuring us. What have we become ?

There is space for you right here returns to beautiful Palestine. Looking under all stones, we will explore Palestine through the eyes and words of others. How do you listen to a place from afar? What do you pay attention to when there is so much to read, listen, watch and learn? We will explore together.

There is space for you right here will bring into the studio a collection of guests that will share with you first hand accounts of life in Palestine. The studio will expand through discussion. You will learn to listen, to ask questions, to explore and challenge your initial ideas. Throughout the semester, you will develop your own brief, you will make many maps, you will write, you will draw faces, you will have many questions, you will want to talk about Palestine to anyone who will give you a moment to speak.

This is just the beginning.

Image: a beautiful photo, returned to: Luca Capuano with Carlo Favero

Architecture 2020_summer