Jaymin Saliya

Over the last decades, historic values in cities around the world have gradually been sacrificed in favor of globalization led 'universal typologies.'(Sano, S., Filipovi, I., Radovi, D.,2020). Fast changing built-environment cause maladaption of typology of our fabric of existence, which is still formulated in separate blocks by contemporary innovations (Mandour, 2008). Problems emerge at the old and modern boundary that remain unresolved.

So, what are the new potential alternative approaches that could rationalize traditional principles, contemporary needs, and a living future for a growing community in Ballarat? The conflict between traditional culture and new ideologies must be seen in this wider spatial environment in terms of appreciating the need for infill, development, and the need to invigorate the CBD area (JEFFWAY, 2017).

Ultimately, This thesis will introduce new medium density mixed use Co- housing project, which will reconnect the current rules and norms back to its original history by providing a room for revived innovation in a future embedded in a harmonious relationship with the emerging architecture and urban form within the historical context of the potential site in Ballarat.

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