Joel Falconer

Remembering through Place

the search
for lost Community.

Prominent in the Ballarat urban landscape, a monument has evolved to a dissipated community. The Church is empty. The parish has abandoned it. The building’s essential ability to form community, forgotten.

What has changed? The power of the architecture to gather? The broader values of the society? or is it a fundamental forgetting of a societies’ ability to dwell within a community structure?

And if it is the latter - will future generations understand what the word ‘community’ means? Will we understand how to gather and dwell as a community?

The great opportunity of the densification of our regional cities is the potential for community; of remembering how to generate and dwell within community.

This project aims to provide all the possibilities for remembering the art of this process and explore the different means by which community can come together; both ambiguous and direct, spontaneous and structured.

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