Construction Analysis

Subject coordinator: Dr Sofia Colabella


This subject explores the idea of construction as a process linking structural principles, materials and building techniques strategically. Using a two-story house designed by JWA as the case study, Construction Analysis reviews the anatomy of building elements, components and systems by relating architectural choices to technological and performance requirements.

Having completed this subject, students are expected to be able to: (1) identify and follow the logics of construction; (2) use the conventions and challenges of technical representation; (3) observe how architectural design and technological requirements inform each other; (4) appreciate the relationship – or the distance – between architectural design, construction and the principles underpinning environmentally sustainable design; (5) transform this appreciation into an interpretative framework for the organization of small- to medium-scale architectural practice.

Aleks Baltovski, Senior Design Manager at John Holland
Anastasia Sklavakis, Architect at Kerstin Thompson Architects

Construction 2021_winter