Advanced Computational Design

Coordinator: Dr Alberto Pugnale
Tutors: Darcy Zelenko, Gabriele Mirra

This subject focuses on contemporary methods for adopting high-end technology, such as machine learning, performance analysis and simulation, and multi-criteria optimisation to explore design morphology via digital means. This advanced course builds up from more fundamental computational design concepts where parametric and computational methods get applied.

The class covers the use of virtual models and the interfaces to their actual, materialised counterparts, hence bridging the gap between form-finding and the digital fabrication of physical artefacts.

ACD has been taught for a number of years at ABP, and it was initially called “Digital Design Applications” to emphasise the subject’s hands-on nature. DDA was developed to complement “Contemporary Digital Practice”, another elective in which design computing and the impact of digital technologies on practice are discussed from a theoretical perspective. ACD does not exclude computational design theories, but its focus is primarily on computational design applications.

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