Applied Architectural Technology

Coordinator: Dr Giorgio Marfella
Senior Tutor: Anthony Blazquez

Yohan Abhayaratne
Luca Calvanese
Rob De Melis
Gioia Greco
Mark Lam
Carlos Lara
Marcin Polgar
Noel Tighe

Applied Architectural Technology is a core subject of the Master of Architecture and Master of Architectural Engineering. It is a practical learning experience based on an original design development exercise completed over the length of one semester.

From week to week, students face technical problem-solving exercises generated by their design. The challenges start from the urban scale of a large tall building, touching on issues of spatial efficiency, building controls, vertical circulation, environmental control and structural configuration. Students develop a general arrangement concept in small groups and then proceed to resolve in detail some selected areas of a complex building envelope.

Technical problems are discussed, reviewed and resolved with tutors, who are architects with long-standing first-hand experience of large and complex projects in professional practice. The learning outcomes aim at producing architectural concepts without any pretence of perfection, seeking realistic and feasible outcomes products in line with current industry trends.

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