Christine Jorge

Planar Academy of Electronics: Rhythmic obstructions & playful liberation

The solo mother finally lets go of her child’s hand.

He will be in safe hands between now and the moment of dusk.

The mother learns to repair. She stretches her arms at the end of a long day’s toil.

The child plays to break. A child’s laughter echoes through the hallway.

A day’s work is hard. No more eviction notices at the sound of their voices.

So, play at your own risk. Many broken toys.

Here’s your invoice.  

The Academy of Electronics offers a place for the focus e15: a group of solo mothers and their children from squatting communities in Hackney. It balances between the planes of training and teaching – as Rhythmic Obstructions; surrounded by a journey of play – as playful liberation.

Central to this awakens the forum echoed to become one that belongs to all generations of constant learning and storytelling: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.