George Willmott

Screen, Film, Screen, Skin. Images and their infinite capacities to welcome 

Refurbishment and Repair of Screens, Satellites, Digital Set-Top Boxes and CCTV.

Sale of, Türk-Paketi, NigComSat, VTV available on premises.

Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray Nil All.

Is assimilation inevitable? When does someone become English? When they buy a home?

Jimmy Cliff is singing.

Can you retain an origin in modern London? Is assimilation inevitable?

Ah, it’s Musa.

The workshop is tended and cultivated. It’s the smallest parcel of the world and its totality.

It flickers. 

The building is a direct sequence from physical entry to visual departure.

Engaging with Media, Memory and Connection in Modern Hackney, through the repair of screens and digital subscriptions. This sequence is then projected, collapsed and montaged through the use of an architectural screen. The building is the composition of images, mediations and intermediaries. Together emphasising the universality of images while advocating for their potential for infinite discreet meaning.