Georgia Spencer

Boundaries of Contention: A Domestic Arraignment

Settle down they said. Stop being so emotional… find yourself a partner and make a home.

Line and cover that home. Build an identity, but wait the shelves are full…

That shirt is creased, iron the crease over and over, day by day.

In 1970’s Hackney, female squatters uprooted their domesticity to fabricate the antithesis of home. In response, ‘Boundaries of Contention’ seizes the charged barriers of “home” … appropriating the ‘court of law’ to hand women the power of control to fight against the idea that they are too fragile to work, and too emotional to be political.

With the help of John and Rose from T.J Electrics, female squatters will dismantle and tamper with domestic evidence… learning the electrical trade. Using their work to dissolve the boundaries of contention. Because when we don’t have to clean, we can work, and when we work, we talk.