Soke Leong

In Between Faulty and Faultless: Corridor to Repair Perfection

Another musical piece I need to polish. Doubts and disappointments. Practice makes perfect, they say. Through the wall, I watch those bruised and blistered hands. They are just like mine. Snap! A string broke. She chuckles and starts again. I release a breath I had not realize I had been holding. I matched my pace with the thumping from the metal floors. When I reach the end of this corridor, the moths in my stomach become butterflies. I am ready to play.

In between Faulty and Faultless: Corridor to Repair Perfection.

The faulty is found in the craft of violin repairers whereas the faultless found in musicians with musical performance anxiety. A corridor bridges and links the faulty and the faultless. Thus, this project interrogates the idea of perfectionism in craft and proceeds in the act of repairing perfection.