Yuan Liang

Congregation of Possessions: The Second Edition of Biography

Initially, you do not know why you are consuming and when you lose the ability to fighting. You are trapped inside the illusion and passion world with enormous information, but You still affirm that You find your faith and happiness.

I always believe I could be your possession forever. However, I was disposed of and abandoned. It is my faith as the planned obsolesce. But then, I have been waiting for a long time.

They will collect, deliver, assemble, dismantle and repair. They write down our second edition of the biography silently.

This is an architecture for electronic repairs and delivery men and consumers against consumption. The new architecture can be a place to encourage the new way of consumption and denote the interaction of occupants with their day-to-day life. Through the public building, entering the thrift store may change consumers’ decisions or attitudes for repaired possessions. Ultimately, the central public building is beginning and also a consequence.