CDE Studio 06

What’s Next?

Studio leaders: Jim Stewart, Katie Skillington & Adam Murray

In 'what's next?', students were asked to reflect on the challenges facing urban environments as they grow into the 21st Century. Participants explored threats to our natural, social and cultural systems, and considered how density, intensity and diversity can act as a catalyst for renewal and regeneration.

Theoretical critiques of sustainability in dense urban environments were investigated in parallel with technological ESD solutions, and design-led responses. Each student formed their own personal philosophy on ‘what’s next?’, and applied this to a hypothetical near-future vision for a mega hybrid tower in Melbourne’s CBD.

The stimulus project brief was to design a building for 200 people at 130 Little Collins Street. Functionally, proposals were to include spaces for living, spaces for working and spaces for playing, and a rich and engaging strategy for the intersection and overlap of these activities. Over the first half of semester, students in Studio 6 critiqued and reevaluated this brief, and developed their own unique return brief for the final project.

As always, Studio 6 would not have been the same without the gracious support of our industry and academic colleagues. We would like to acknowledge and thank Adrian Chu, Bill Lykouras, Clare Parry, Cliff Chang, James Pearce, Jessica Hogg, Jess Lee, Kianson Tay, Mitch Eaton, Nayan Puri, Nidhya Sakathevan, Ross Harding, Sarah Kirby, Sarah Song and Yi Lobachevsky.

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