Fonnie Chan

“I will wake up and remember to breathe,
Breathe in the fresh air that is nature’s gift to us.
I will walk the earth and remember its flora, fauna and
People are all part of a living community.
I will acknowledge and follow the first protectors of this land,
That the land I walk upon should be treated with care and respect
I will recycle and reduce my waste consumption,
And remember that we all live on one planet.
I will quench my thirst with water and remember,
That water is life.
I will protect the precious resources our environment provides to us.
Fulfill my commitment to ensure its safety,
And remember that change starts with me.”

Throughout the energy generation process, we often bargain with power. Accessibility to power seems to be a privilege. We cannot access our own electric meters unless authorized. We must pay to be supplied with power. We need power to access power.

This project reinhabited the Environment Protection Authority. The authority aims to regulate and protect the environment yet leaving office lights on at Saturday midnights. EPA is reimagined based on their manifesto written on the atrium wall, as a way of criticising our position towards the current power. Power, as in both power generation system and power of the authority.