Jiexin Wang

This project recognizes that architecture as an office building driven by the design of a toilet system can challenge people's rejection of facing human waste and discomfort. Through architecture and toilet's mutual expression of technical regulations and energy performance, the project intends to bring a new possibility of energy production and a self-sustained water system from a gender-neutral perspective.

Furthermore, the Ultimate Water Closet intends to challenge people's privacy by playing with the visibility of this 'small room' through the elongation of the toilet experience and the revelation of the produced biogas.  The building system will be demonstrated from colour-coded pipes to the wash stations, from the exposing toilet to the interior's inflatable ceiling, from the ground floor's septic tanks to the roof top's outhouse.

This project is structurally and aesthetically inspired by Pompidou Centre. The interior is column-free, with services sitting at the building perimeter to let the interior office become an adaptable variant. The exterior stairs allow the visitors to access each floor's toilet with an ever-changing ceiling and continuously working pipes to announce the internal usage of the toilet and the energy cycle of the building.

"The toilet is a room of one's own, while a simple press of flush requires a whole massive system to continue the cycle. The building is designed to be running its own cycle of water to reveal the power of waste and challenge the toilet's social connotation of concealment, privacy and disgust, so-called the ultimate water closet."