Thomas Martiniello

Office peak is a project about reconsidering our current reliance on conditioning and resource consumption patterns through the ideas of productive (off-peak) and leisure (peak) times. It seeks to challenge the way we consider what work within an office looks like, forcing us to consider and be bound by the effects our overconsumption and demand has now caused on our infrastructure network and so much more. The office is a speculation on our notions and ideas around consumption and conditioning, and an evaluation of how inefficiently we use spaces and resources. Office peak seeks to analyse how we can more efficiently use the finite resources we have and makes comment to its context and the historic notion of the office tower as a monument to wealth and consumption. Through reinvented architectural elements housing integrated systems and technologies converting wasted energy into usable energy, the office creates new flows in and out of the neighbourhood. The arrangement of the floor plan as a filed condition, accommodates for the peak and off-peak conditions imposed on the user and allows for occupation at all times of the day rather than the conventional 9am-5pm.