Architecture Thesis Studio 02

Designing a new research museum

Studio leaders:
Associate Professor Rory Hyde and Sir Jonathan Mills


What is a museum for in the age of the internet?
What role can they play in shaping society?
How can objects open up new forms of knowledge?

This studio will focus on creating a new research museum on the site of the university. At once a pragmatic task to organise a diverse collection and conceive of a complex building, the studio will also explore critical questions facing museums and galleries today.

The title ‘The Art of Memory’ is drawn from the 1966 book by Frances Yates, which tells the history of systems of knowledge. We will use this as a key text to explore ‘how we construct our minds’, and to consider the role of the archive in the age of the internet. What other forms of ‘knowing’ – ecological, non-human-centric, indigenous – do we need to cultivate today? And what role can architecture play in shaping these encounters with ideas?

Dr Rory Hyde is an architect and former Curator of Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism at the V&A Museum in London.

Sir Jonathan Mills is a composer and one of Australia’s most experienced festival directors, having directed the Edinburgh International Festival from 2006 to 2014.

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