Teal Breez Marshall

The wealth that the river provides, many small rural towns along the Murray River are declining. Scholarly research has presented ecovillages as an architectural framework that can assist rural and arid regions in becoming more resilient communities in the face of climate change. Yet these villages are usually separate from standard urban framework. They often lack connection or contextual dialogue with neighbouring settlements. Flooding, droughts, and record-breaking heat demand a better quality and more resilient architecture. Landscape Urbanism recognises any space as a richly woven, interconnected set of field conditions. These human, natural and cultural layers are quintessential to the sense of place, function and narrative of any given site. This thesis aims to embed new housing into the small twin towns of Piangil and Tooleybuc; that are embedded within the landscape, recognise the multiple narratives of land which are present, challenging the existing typologies.