Architecture Thesis Studio 06

Forms of Enchantment

Studio leaders: Heather Mitcheltree and Mitch Ransome

This studio is an exploration of the representation of myth-scapes in contemporary culture, literature, art and architecture.  Of the ways in which identity is constructed, projected and framed, and of the mechanisms by which we make sense of a world that is often stranger than fiction.  From the nostalgic meanderings of Swann’s Way, Utopian visions, Hieronymus Bosch’s macabre allegorical landscapes, to tales of gingerbread houses and Homer’s depiction of Odysseus’ travels - speculative geographies and fabrications that blur the boundaries between fact, fantasy and fiction continue to capture our imagination. T

hese enchanted imaginings, take us on a journey through metaphorical transformations, spatial articulations of memory and time, the unheimlich, aspirational visions, and the dark shadows that linger in the recesses of our imaginations and infiltrate our day to day.  Through a series of instal-lations and the design of a Creative Arts Centre, this studio serves as a creative exploration of the constructs that we create, and the role that they play in “reaching beyond the visible and transforming a rich inner life into uncanny, sometimes disturbing matter” (Warner, M., 2018).

Architecture 2021_winter