Architecture Thesis Studio 10

it will not be over until we talk.

Studio leader: Marijke Davey

‘To free a bird from a hanging mist net, the first thing an ornithologist must do is unknot the thin strip of nylon from between the bird’s toes and then - depending on the degree of struggle and the length of time it has spent suspended in the net - to calmly untangle the feet, the knees, the belly, the armpit and finally the bird’s head, all the time holding the wings against its hammering heart, making sure that is doesn’t try to tear open your fingers with its beak or talons.’

- Colum McCann, Apeirogon

Actions speak louder than words.

You say. To act. To re-act.

To react.

How do we measure distance ?

We began by measuring distance, the distance between our countries, our homes, our language, our memories, the turns it takes to get from one point to anything, this route without fitolls, without traffic hazards, driving down Google Street View, every street looks the same, you chatter away, make a new map, remembering landmarks, forgetting street names, a ring )ringing) around my ankle, reminding me of where I am from, where I am going. I will always remember the way home.

It will not be over until we talk is the next in series of studios that look at beautiful Palestine. We will spend the semester exploring Palestine together, following words, roads, poems, posts, learning from a place that has so much to share.

The studio asks for rigorous, thoughtful, and self-directed research. You will have high expectations placed upon you, but with this, you will be supported, listened to, and given the time and space to develop your thoughts about architecture. The studio relies on class discussions, requiring you to listen to your classmates, to guests, to develop opinions, critiques, yourself.

Throughout the semester, you will develop your own brief, you will make many maps, you will write, you will draw faces, you will have many questions, you will want to talk about Palestine to anyone who will give you a moment to speak. You will learn to listen.

Image credit: Justin Ames

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