Chenyun Yu

Slow Loop Park in Foshan

The COVID-19 has led to a dramatic increase in people's demand for plastic products in their lives. Due to the influence of tea-drinking culture, the hot weather, and the acute increase in consumption after the lockdown, the rapid sales of bubble tea has resulted in the deluge of avoidable plastic waste in Foshan. The fast consumerism behind bubble tea poses a serious challenge to environmental protection.

The thesis proposes a ‘slow open space’ in Foshan’s commercial district, by slowing down the pace of life so that bubble tea containers can be recycled, thus reducing the consumption of plastic cups at the source. Under the hot and rainy weather of Foshan, combined with the traditional tea-drinking culture of Guangdong, it provides an easeful and diverse resting space for optional and social activities – for staying and drinking tea outside the shopping building.

Slow Loop Park in Foshan
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