Shuting Jiang

Since the outbreak of COVID 19 and the implementation of travel restrictions, citizens’ lives in Tianjin have been refocused upon the neighborhoods. ‘Old-poor-small' neighborhoods represent the typical traditional residential housing with poor livability built before the year 2000. The government’s policy provides opportunities to support the renovation of the old neighborhoods including the addition of elevators to reconstruct and renew the city.

The design thesis further optimizes the limited and confined open spaces in Tianjin’s old neighborhoods, to address and integrate with living issues and conditions within the neighborhoods. To upgrade the quality of life of different groups, the landscape strategies speculate and create a vibrant and futuristic community with multi-dimensional experience through the insertion of a raised landscape platform that links the local inhabitants and visitors across different levels between buildings and urban open spaces.

Retrofitting 'Old Poor Small' Neighborhoods in Post pandemic Tianjin
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